For our employees, we provide:

Free housing, electricity and other utilities in dedicated colonies at each of our plants. These colonies also have primary schools that are operated by the company in partnership with local government

A dedicated life insurance policy for every employee, privately funded and structured by the company


A program that allows employees who cannot afford to self-fund their Hajj, to apply for a company-funded Hajj

Transportation services for employees and their families to and from our plants, local schools and local markets

Subsidized canteens and cafeterias that provide complete meals

Green belts at each of our plants that contribute to the cleanliness of our environment and allow workers garden space and playgrounds for children​

Substantial social security contributions for every employee, which allows them to avail free medical treatment including medicine, medical tests and hospitalization & education

Contributions towards Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) which enables our employees to have lifelong pensions after retirement, disability benefits, educational grants for employees’ children for tuition fees, books, uniforms and transportation, additional merit-based stipends for employees’ children, funds for wedding expenses and life insurance

For our environment, careful attention has resulted in:


direct gas or electricity consumption from the grid, with processes completely self-sufficient on renewable energy like bagasse and biogas

CO2 recovery

via a dedicated plant that allows us to capture emissions and package them for sale to beverage companies


reduction of CO2 emissions across our operations thanks to a CO2 recovery unit

energy for our plants to run turbines through continued investments in clean energy

For our farmerswe provide:

Interest-free loans to cane growers for seeds and other planting costs

Agricultural research facilities at our in-house lab that help our farmers improve their crop varieties, boost crop yields and control agri-diseases

Funds for the construction and repair of road infrastructure and the development of local distribution networks

For our broader communities,

we provide:

Safe drinking water at all of our plants via dedicated water filtration facilities

Support to local government for the construction and operation of shelters