TSML is Pakistan's premier ethanol producer, manufacturing both ENA and REN grades. We export our product globally and never compromise on quality. We are the sole ethanol suppliers for multinational corporations that have extensive quality controls and have worked with our partners to develop a product that is one of the world's purest. Our first ethanol distillery is at our Kanjwani site and our second ethanol distillery is at our Muzaffargarh site.


Our extra neutral alcohol (ENA) product is world-renowned for unparalleled quality. We have worked with international quality control experts on developing one of the finest ENA grade ethanol products available on the market.





We have two labs manned by multiple professional chemists and biologists. There is one lab at each of our two distilleries and both of them exceed international safety and quality-control standards.

As part of our testing procedures, we mandate detailed record-keeping. This enables quality audits and is part of our quality assurance and quality control process.

Our on-site labs enable us to conduct the tests we frequently need to do in an efficient and controlled manner.

Internal Feedstock


We monitor our quality beginning with our raw material, sugarcane molasses.

Given we have the largest amount of captive molasses in Pakistan’s ethanol production industry, for a lot of our production we can directly control the handling of our molasses.

Molasses from TSML’s sugar operations is stored in fully-covered tanks to prevent excess moisture and to ensure sugar content is retained.

External Feedstock


For any molasses we have to buy from the market, we have developed a proprietary process that ensures the quality of the product we purchase.

The process begins with TSML’s quality management teams reaching the storage location of the molasses being purchased.

Once there, our teams sample the raw material and then seal it through internationally-recognized sealing processes we import solely for this purpose.

The raw material is only approved once the sample is tested and it meets our quality parameters.

Our quality management teams physically remain with the raw material from its loading at an external site to its arrival at our own facilities. In addition to the teams’ monitoring, the seal process is a means to ensure the material is not tampered with prior to arrival.

Upon arrival, this molasses is also stored in fully-covered tanks to prevent any unnecessary contamination or spoilage.

All of this is done to ensure all our externally-sourced raw material is in-line with our very high internal quality standards.


Our fermentation parameters are monitored real-time to ensure there are no side reactions and no unnecessary by-products created. Samples are collected every hour.

We import our yeast from the United States, which contributes to high yields and the purity of our product. Using a high-quality yeast also prevents the production of by-products at high temperatures.

Maintaining temperature throughout the fermentation process is crucial so we are very careful about that.


Once the stream enters the distillation process, we collect samples every 30 minutes. This ensures moisture percentages are tightly controlled and impurities are kept to a bare minimum. The odor and appearance of the ethanol is also closely monitored.

In the rare event of the sampled ethanol not meeting our parameters, we redistill it and test it again.

Our distillation columns are made from high-grade stainless steel, which prevents corrosion and thereby protects the ethanol from impurities.

As is the case in the fermentation process, the distillation process occurs in a controlled temperature environment.



After the distillation process, the ethanol reaches an intermediate tank, where it is immediately sampled and tested to make sure it meets the strict quality standards we maintain.


Before the intermediate tank is emptied and the ethanol is transferred into the larger general storage tanks, the ethanol is tested again.


Once in general storage, ethanol is sampled and tested daily to ensure it maintains the properties and quality it had upon entering the storage tanks.

Prior to loading from the distillery’s storage tanks, the ethanol being sold is sampled and tested again to ensure there is no variation in quality parameters.


We are in the process of updating our international certifications. Official certification information will be included here once this process is completed.