Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd.

Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited (TSML) was incorporated in Pakistan in 1988 as public limited company and the shares of the Company are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE). The principal activity of the Company is production and sale of white crystalline Sugar, Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide.

1. Sugar Division

TSML Unit: ZamandTSML comprises of three sugar mills units i.e. TSML Sugar Unit-I (Kanjwani – Faisalabad – Punjab) with capacity of 6,500 TCD, TSML Sugar Unit-II (Zamand – Dera Ismail Khan – KPK) having capacity of 12,000 TCD and TSML Sugar Unit-III (Rehman Hajira – Muzaffargarh – Punjab) with capacity of 13,500 TCD. With its combined crushing capacity of   32,000 TCD, it is amongst the top sugar mills of the country in terms of sales and production.

TSML is presently in the process of upgrading and expansion in its operating capacities for energy conservation with installation of sophisticated machinery, which will increase its average sugarcane crushing capacity, fuel saving and steam percent cane saving, thereby enabling it to save more bagasse and electricity. It will also increase its capacity from 32,000 TCD to 38,750 TCD during FY17 that will involve upgrading and adding new equipment. TSML is also in the process of replacing crushing mills with a new Mill max mill with large diameter, adding 6 MW steam turbine generators for the crushing mills with new 1,200 KW motor drives, and replacing a shredder with a shredder of larger diameter and capacity. These changes will provide TSML sufficient bagasse for its operations.

2. Distillery Division

Distillery Division of TSML consists of two distillery units with combined capacity of 255,000 liters per day i.e. TSML Distillery Unit-I (Kanjwani – Faisalabad) and TSML Distillery Unit-II (Muzaffargarh), producing World Class Ethanol of REN and ENA grades. Both of these products have worldwide acclaim due to TSML quality and commitments. TSML now have not only the largest Ethanol production capacity in the country but in the two years running TSML was the largest Ethanol Exporter from Pakistan in the years 2015 and 2016.

3. CO2 Division

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Recovery Plant was established at TSML Distillery Unit-I (Kanjwani – Faisalabad) with capacity of 48 tons per day. We supply CO2 to beverages plants and other enterprises in the country.