Board of Directors

  • Mr. Ghazi Khan                                (Chairman)
  • Mr. Akbar Khan                                (Chief Executive)
  • Mr. Haroon Khan     
  • Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan
  • Mrs. Rasheeda Begum
  • Mrs. Mobina Akbar Khan
  • Mr. Tahir Farooq Malik

Directors Profile

Mr. Ghazi Khan    –   (Chairman)

Mr. Ghazi Khan is Member of Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is also holder of Master of Business Administration degree from University of Toronto, Canada.

His work experience includes senior management position in International Banking Division of Toronto-Dominion Bank, a major International Bank of the world. Mr. Ghazi Khan rose to the management level position while working with Peat Marwick, Mitchell & Company (PMM), Toronto, Canada. PMM is one of the largest accounting & management consultancy firm in the world, under the name of KPMG.

Presently, Mr Ghazi Khan is also working as CEO/Managing Director in Riaz Bottlers (Pvt) Ltd. (RBL). Ever since the present management took over RBL, Mr. Ghazi worked hard  for improving the profitability & expansions in the company. His sheer hard work turned RBL into one of the best Pepsi Cola Bottlers in Asia.

Mr. Ghazi Khan is also director in other projects of the Group.

 Mr. Akbar Khan –   (Chief Executive)

Mr. Akbar Khan has done Masters in Business Administration from USA. His work experience includes that of a Chief Auditor in a reputed accounting firm for five years in USA.

Mr. Akbar Khan is also Chief Executive of Superior Textile Mills Limited, apart from  Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd. He is also a director in Riaz Bottlers (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. Haroon Khan    –   (Director)

Mr. Haroon Khan is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries, USA and Institute of Actuaries, Canada. He has also done MSc. in Actuaries as well as Business Administration from University of Manitoba, Canada. Besides being a Science graduate from Government College, Lahore, one of the leading institutions of Sub-Continent. Mr. Haroon has also been holder of Talent Scholarships throughout his academic career.

His work experience includes teaching  at University of Manitoba, Canada. These faculty positions are awarded only to the students who are on the Dean’s Honor list. Mr. Haroon has also worked for Manufacturer’s Life Insurance Company, Toronto, Canada, which is the largest Insurance Company of Canada. He also  worked for a Management Consultancy Company based at New York, where he was involved in planning, forecasting, organization, management, taxation, profitability and other financial aspects of business.

Mr. Haroon Khan also remained CEO of Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd. for many years, during which he  worked in the areas of financial planning, corporate control, investments, development and  diversification in new products for the Company. Presently he is one of the Directors in the Board of the Company.

Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan (Director)

Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan has recently been elected as a non executive independent Director in Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd and is also the chairman of audit committee of the company. He has to his credit for being an ex-federal minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investments after returning as an elected  member of the National Assembly for 4 consecutive, record terms.

Mr. Humayun received his early education from  Burn Hall, Abbottabad and his secondary education from Saint Mary’s, Rawalpindi. He got a Bachelor of Science degree from Government College (now University) , Lahore and later traveled to Canada, where he got a Masters in Actuarial Science and Business Administration degree from University of Manitoba. He is also a fellow of Society of Actuaries, USA and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, which are known to be the highest professional designations for an Actuary. Mr. Humayun is the Founder as well as  also the Chairman of the “Institute for Policy Reform”, a think tank.

Mrs. Rasheeda Begum    –   (Director)

Mrs. Rasheeda Begum is the Director of the Company. Her association with the Company covers the material period of more than 27 years.

Mrs. Mobina Akbar Khan    –   (Director)

Mrs. Mobina Akbar Khan is also the Director of the Company. She is associated with the company since  a long period of 25 years.

Mr. Tahir Farooq Malik    –   (Director)

Mr. Tahir Farooq Malik is also Director in the Company since last 6 years. He has a  Bachelors degree from Forman Christian College, Lahore and also has completed his Masters in Business Administration. He has been associated with the operations of the company since 2002 and has quite valuable knowledge and expertise of the sector.

Shareholding Pattern


  • UHY Hassan Naeem & Co.,
    Chartered Accountants





      Legal Advisor

    • Bandial & Associates, 35-A, Luqman St., Zahoor Afridi Road, Lahore Cantt.
    • Ali Subtain Fazli & Associates, Mall Mansion 30, The Mall Road, Lahore.